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Lectures in Geophysics

My lectures page provides teaching material in geophysics that was basically designed for undergraduate students but can also be of interest for practitioners (natural hazard specialists, engineers, archaeologists). I have developed this material while lecturing at ETH Zurich, the University of Lausanne and the University of Fribourg.

If you would like to use this material, please give credit and link to this website, thanks!

All my documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader, a program you can download for free at this page.

Introduction to Inversion in Geophysics

Slides: Introduction to Inversion in Geophysics (in English). Download (4.4 MB)

Introduction to Geophysics for Archaeologists (Méthodes géophysiques pour l'archéologie)

A new course on “Introduction to Geophysics for Archaeologists” will take place at the University of Fribourg (Switzerland) from 22 April 2013 to 26 April 2013.
This course covers the main geophysical techniques used in archaeology and other very near surface and soil exploration studies. A field-demonstration day is planned during the week.

Un nouveau cours “Introduction à la géophysique pour les archéologues” aura lieu à l’Université de Fribourg (Suisse) du 22.04.2013 au 26.04.2013.
Ce cours donne une introduction sur les principales techniques géophysiques appliquées à l’archéologie et à l’investigation de la proche surface. Une démonstration de terrain aura lieu durant la semaine.


The new teaching material (slides + script) will be uploaded soon
Le nouveau matériel de cours (présentations + script) sera mis en ligne ultérieurement.

Script: Géophysique appliquée à l'archéologie: méthodes électriques, sismiques et gravimétriques (in French). Download  (6.7 MB)

Script: Corrections des exercices (in French). Download  (0.6 MB)
Slides: Introduction (in English). Download (2.8 MB)
Slides: Electrical surveying: resistivity Part A (in English). Download (8.2 MB)
Slides: Electrical surveying: resistivity Part B (in English). Download (6.7 MB)
Slides: Seismic surveying (in English). Download (4.5 MB)
Slides: Gravity surveying (in English). Download (4.8 MB)

Slides: Magnetic surveying (in English). Download

Slides: Electromagnetic surveying (in English). Download 

Introduction to Engineering and Environmental Geophysics

Script: Introduction to gravity, magnetic, electrical (resistivity, induced polarization, spontaneous potential), electromagnetic surveying for geologists and engineers (in English), Download (0.2 MB)
Slides: Introduction (in English). Download (10.5 MB)

Slides: Gravity surveying (in English). Download (3.5 MB)

Slides: Magnetic surveying (in English). Download (3.4 MB)
Slides: Electrical surveying: resistivity Part A (in English). Download (6.3 MB)
Slides: Electrical surveying: resistivity Part B (in English). Download (15 MB)

Slides: Electrical surveying: Induced Polarization (in English). Download (1 MB)

Slides: Electrical surveying: Spontaneous Potential (in English). Download (1 MB)
Slides: Electromagnetic surveying (in English). Download (3.3 MB)

On-line Course of Geophysics

This is a nice online course that I helped developing when I was at the University of Lausanne. The topic covered are electrical, well-seismic and well-logging surveying (in French, English, Spanish). This course contains a lot of animations!
Link to online course  (open in a new window)

Additional Educational Ressources

A simple paper in French that outlines the basics of inversion theory in geophysics, with an application to frequency electromagnetic soundings. Download this paper (0.8 MB)

Script: A short introduction to Electrical Resistivity Tomography (in French). Download (1.2 MB)

Script: A short introduction to surface and cross-hole electrical surveys (in English). Download (0.7 MB)

Script: Imagerie Electrique pour Géologues (in French). Download (4.8 MB)

Slides: Case Histories in Geoelectrics and Induced Polarization Surveys (in English). Download (20 MB)


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